WTS/WTT: Arcade Parts, Controllers, ect



6 Red OBSF-30’s


$16 Shipped.

I’ll be piecing this stick out.


Pic of the below parts ^^
Parts are-
LS-40 Joystick (Now with green Hori Balltop) - $18 Shipped.
6x Green OBSF-30’s -$16 Shipped
2x White OBSF-30’s - SOLD!
Painted SE Case - SOLD!
Madcatz PCB Fully Wired for 360. - SOLD!

I have a OG Xbox Guile Pad (will take pics later today) it’s complete but has some wear on packaging. - $15 Shipped.

And last for now is a sealed, never used Official Wireless 360 Pad(Will get pics later today).-$30 Shipped.

PS1/2 Sanwa Stick w/PS3 Converter
Full Arthong TE 6 or 8 button Plexi (clear)
Your moneys!


pm sent




pms replied to :lovin:


PS1/2 Sanwa Stick w/PS3 Converter

Dunno if you’re interested, but I have a PS3/360 dual mod that I’m looking to get rid of.

Figured I’d ask. :slight_smile:


Sorry man, I didn’t like the way the case felt when I used it in E. Lansing, that’s all, plus I don’t have the cash. =/


Prices dropped, bump.