WTS/WTT arcade PCBs, Simpsons, Power Instinct, MK, shoot'em ups etc


I have the following and I also accept trades for other games that I’m looking for my collection:<br><br>The Simpsons PCB:<br><br>asking $150 but i can lower this price, or trade it for something else, tell me what you got…<br><br>

<br><br>Sorry for the bad quality picks, I can upload more quality ones if anyone’s interested.<br><br>I have these for trade but I’m also open to money offers:<br><br>Power Instinct<br>Lightning Fighters<br>Cadillacs and Dinosaurs<br>Vigilante<br>Wonder Boy<br>Sonic Wings- Aero Fighters<br>Raiden<br>The Punisher<br>Gang Wars<br>The Combatribes<br>Caveman Ninja<br>Rygar<br>Varth<br>Twin Cobra<br>Shadow Dancer<br>Mortal Kombat<br>Mortal Kombat 2<br>Some Street Fighter 2 hacks<br>Slap fight<br>Silk Worm<br>US AAF Mustang<br>Insector X<br>Exerion<br>Choplifter<br><br>My target are mostly Cps2 games: specifically Super Street fighter 2 turbo…Alpha 3, Giga Wings, Mars Matrix, Darkstalkers etc.