WTS/WTT: Asus Netbook, DS Lite w/ R4, EX2 case, DC converter + More

Asus EEE PC 8.9" Netbook Model 900HA, Near Mint - $240 shipped

Hori EX2 Case mint, no pcb, will include the stock Hori parts if you want them - $30 shipped

Macbook 13" Intel Core Duo White, Needs battery - Sold

VGA Converter box, generic bought off ebay, never used - $20 shipped

Total Control PS to DC converter, near mint - $25 shipped

Sharp 20" standard def TV with front inputs, good picture/condition - $50 local pickup 07732

Nintendo DS Lite, Black, with R4 cartridge (with 2GB microSD) - $100 shipped

Will be adding more items. Paypal Only. PM for more details on specific items.


ill post up some pics when i get home later tonight

I have a MSI x340 to trade for a Macbook

updated with pics

Do you want to meet up locally? I’m in NYC.

yo scoops, i played u in marvel the other day on xbox live, lol.

but yeah, i remember your old thread.


is this the same laptop?

yeah its the same.

then im curious, you had the mac price at 625 shipped with battery? Now its 650 without battery?

bump prices dropped

did you sell off the macbook?

macbook traded to networkingyuppy

bump with price drop and added sd card with the DS lite.

pm sent

Pm replied