Wts/wtt - black xbox360 slim


For Sale!

  • Barely used black Xbox 360 Slim 4gb w/ bundle box, 2 controllers (one used white, one barely used black), battery pack set w/ charger station, Come with games (Gears of war 3, Condemned 2, Devil may cry 4, Lego batman/pure combo, Rabbids alive and kicking, and Dance Central), NO KINECT INCLUDED.

$190 Shipped (Entire Xbox Package)

Edit: Would trade for PS Vita WiFi.


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yo, I don’t think you’re suppose to double post


My other thread was locked so I removed the PSP for sale.
CI581 pm sent


Sale pending


Sale not pending. Still up for sale!


does this have newest dash? i am looking for one with older dash and manufactured before aug 2011


Sorry but its the updated one


pm sent.


Bump for trade and price drop


New price. 200 for everything shipped.


New price 190$! Still open for trade for vita.


this is so tempting. I do have a wifi vita that stays in my drawer with umvc3 and mk.
got pictures of everything?


the gears of war 3 case is cracked. u got pics of the vita?


How much for local pickup?


175 pick up


i totally forgot about this thread. i’ll see if i get can pictures up later. what location is local pick up?


626 San Gabriel area