WTS/WTT Brand new MAS stick P360

I purchased a mas stick for my friend who unfortunately can’t afford to buy it from me now, and i’m out 200 bucks. I’ve used the stick personally a couple of times to test for functionality but i’m not a big fan of american style sticks, i use japanese style personally.
Exact link of the product: http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/pro-arcade-sticks~mas~hori~/capcom-style-fighting-stick-ps-ps2-perfect-360-concave-buttons-cspsps2stick-mas-detail.htm

It has a p360 stick, and concave buttons.
I don’t know why he wanted concave buttons, but those are easily, and cheaply changed.

What i’m looking for is 100 dollars+shipping, or a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3(new or barely used).

EDIT: PS2 with 6 buttons+ a start and select.
Adding photos as well.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m located in London Ontario Canada, it’s a couple hours from toronto.

Update: Lowered price to 100 to offset cost of getting convex buttons for the stick.

Update2: Will trade for a ps2 custom sanwa stick as well.


what system is it for? ps2 with only 6 buttons?

Why would you need more than 6?

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Couple of pictures of the stick in use.

And one of me holding it.

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Great Price, someone snatch this one up!

damn i would’ve bought this right away if it was a regular sized Mas :sad:

I personally hate the 6 buttons because to me, it seems too close to the joystick.

If it was the 8 button layout, I’d use the last 3 rows, making the space between the joystick and buttons, more bearable.

personally for me i get an 8 button setup for my Mas because in any case one of the 6 buttons starts fucking up (which has happend) i swap out one of the 2 buttons that are not used and replace it with the one thats starting to mess up.

How much for the Rock-em Sock-em robots? :wow:

NOT FOR SALE, SIR! :sweat:

$110 canadian or american?

It doesn’t really matter. Whatever is easiest for you. The exchange rate is so close its only a 6 dollar difference.

if i don’t let you know in 24 hours, i can’t afford it.

So how bout that Trade Immortal?

Too bad the only jap stick i have is a modded agetec for my ps2 which was made with my noob style touch.lol

Update: Lowered price to 100 to offset price of getting new buttons for the stick.

…dammit now i wish i REALLY had the money to buy this.

ImmortalTechnique- is that a mini mas stick or the regular full size one?

i’m very interested in this though, hit me back asap bro

It’s a mini one, ps2, 6 buttons+start select, and p360. Pictures of it above.