WTS/WTT: Breifcase Stick wireless 360


Wireless 360 Briefcase Stick
(No longer for sale. I think I will choose to keep this.)

Also have a briefcase stick for Sale. Features Breif Case, wireless 360 PCB, 6 month old Play and charge kit, and USB Cable and JLF stick. JLF is stock. I’ll also include a home depot spring cut to be about the stiffness of a Happ. the 24 and 30mm buttons have been removed. (you didn’t think I would sell my clear Sanwa’s did you?) I left the 18mm sync button because it is too hard to remove. All you will need is 6 30mm and 3 24mm seimitsu buttons for the case. Tested and working perfectly. I have balltops in numerous colors so let me know if you need a particular color.

http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/Wireless360/th_DSC02743.jpg http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/Wireless360/th_DSC02736.jpg http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/Wireless360/th_DSC02745.jpg

Also willing to trade


LS-32 or LS-32-01 (worth $20)
LS-56 ($20)
JLW (TM or UM) (worth $20)
2 Orange Sanwa Screw ins (worth $3 each to me)
White iL Eurostick (Worth $10)
Used un-modded Wii System in working order.

Games wanted worth $40:
New Mario Bros Wii
Modern Warfare 2 (PS3 or 360)

Wii Stick
$old to Shinjinkun

I have for sale a hardly used Hori Fighting Stick Wii. It plugs into a Wiimote like a Classic Controller. Stock

Chun Li Stick (Sold to Gavolution)
if you will take a regular blue Seimitsu ball top.

First up is a Chun li 360 TEwith LED installed to light up the Etched Plexi. Blue Sanwa Meshball and Seimitsu with blue centers on 6 2 clear centers LEDs now have plastic covers on them.

http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/Chun_Li_TE_Mod01/th_DSC03079.jpg http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/Chun_Li_TE_Mod01/th_DSC03081.jpg http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/Chun_Li_TE_Mod01/th_DSC03092.jpg


Hori Wii stick Now $50 Shipped


Would you be willing to trade? I got a 4-Bay SATA HDD USB enclosure sitting here that’s worth twice that easily.


I’d be willing to trade but don’t have a need for a that Item. Will post up a few wants.


thats plexi on the te rt?


I own one of rtdzign’s suitcase sticks and I gotta say that it’s one of the best sticks I own. It is very accurate and portable. The cool factor is through the roof.


Price drop. $20 off the TE and Custom. $10 off the Wii stick.


im interested in that chun-li TE stick…Can you hold it for me? Need to talk to the wife…BTW what’s the condition of it? Can i still change the art on it, will that effect the lighting?


pm sent


You can change the artwork, but the light catching etching on the acrylic matches up with the artwork, so you would need to change the acrylic as well.

Edit after rcaido gets me infracted, Wish I said:
Sort it out with your wife then come talk to me. I don’t do holds. But yeah it is possible to change the artwork…


Jesus fucking christ, whatever happened to having dibs. Now i remember how much i fucking hate SRK trading outlet…You think you have a deal & then it get sold to someone else…Poor fucking business!


Whoa dude. you said you had to talk to the wife, first, so that meant that you where not committed. Selling stuff on Craigslist, I get burned holding stuff for people because they flake 80% of the time. Gavolution came in and said I can give you money right here and now. You asked questions but did not commit. What if your wife said no and Gavolution changed his mind? What if you never came back?

If you instead said, " Yes for sure I will buy it what is your paypal so I can send payment, Hey it will take me a day or two but you will have money by this time is that okay?"

What i got from “Yes I want it but I have to check with my wife.” means maybe. So nothing was agreed upon. I can’t be held to wait for you and your family to come to a consensus when there is a guy that has money ready to go.

That was the equivalant of holding the supermarket line at the register because you are waiting for your wife to MAYBE get some eggs.

I really still do disagree with you that I deserved an infraction. I still wish you all the best and hope that you stumble on a good deal for a TE. I don’t wish you to hold a grudge.

This is in reference to the drama here:


PM Sent for Hori Wii stick.


I hope you guys make amends. You BOTH seem very cool. Take care.


are you looking for any other games for trade or anything else?


Oh yeah, I’ll trade for an un modded vanilla Wii console in undamaged condtion with a Wii remote, tv, power and sensor bar hookups. I am eyeing a Wii in another trading forum though, but actually still would be interested in used unmodded Wii even if I did get that one.




For the briefcase stick; if I don’t like the stiffness, would it be easy for me to just purchase a new JLF and replace it conveniently? Or would I need to mod the JLF first or something…


All u have to do is remove the extra spring from HD then after that u fine.


I actually just replaced the stock spring back on the JLF. I’ll include a home depot spring if anybody wants to try it out. I’ll be updating the description. With the Home Depot spring the stick was even stiffer than a Happ/iL. Changing the springs only requires a small screw driver to remove the e-clip, remove actuator and put on the spring. To put on the e-clip press it on with pliers.