WTS/WTT: Cheap parts! Hori buttons, MC joysticks


All prices include shipping to the Continental US.

2 x MadCatz joysticks w/ white ball tops - One is from a TvC stick and is an improvement over the initial run of PS3 and 360 SE sticks. First to buy will get the TvC one - $10 each

Hori buttons from an HRAP-EX - These are brand new, I swapped them out before I ever plugged in the controller. The light blue and white buttons are sold.
4 x 30mm dark grey, 4 x 30mm XBOX colors, 2 x 24mm dark grey - $10



Ill take the case

pm sent


PM’d per 6x dark hai buttons


paid for case!


QCF case SOLD to TheStreetzKing.


I’ll take both of these
4 x 30mm light blue, 4 x 30mm white - $10
5 x 30mm white - $7
How much would it be shipped?


$17 is the total shipped cost. PM me for paypal details.


i’ll take the 4 light blue buttons if the other guy doesn’t take em… also if you’re willing to ship to canada =)


@pongzter i got your PM, but your inbox is full and i can’t respond.




received my case today, packed tight, shipped quick, highly recommend!


alright I’ll delete my inbox so you can reply back


white and light blue buttons SOLD to imtony.


@imtony tried to PM your tracking number, but your inbox is full.




price drops…