WTS\WTT CNC Aluminum Case w/JLF and Buttons for $150 shipped or magic cards

I originally bought this as a gift for someone, but it’s still here gathering dust.

Black CNC machined aluminum NHTRAN case. I have a brand new JLF in it and 6 SANWA OSBN’s and 2 black siemitsu’s in it. No PCB in it. Case originally cost me 150+ alone.

I’ll take cash or possibly some magic cards.

I’m looking for NM vindicates, dual lands, shock lands, or fetch lands. Chaos orbs are accepted also.

thanks for your time.


[INDENT=1]Buttons are all yellow Sanwa x6 and 2 Siemitsu’s.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Lost the plexi on top during move. JLF and Buttons are still unusued. Balltop is yellow also. Not the mesh in the pic.[/INDENT]

has this been sold?

Is this still available? Which lands in particular are you looking for and how many? Would you be willing to do a combination of cash and cards?