WTS/WTT: Custom Arcade stick. 70$ shipped


Hi everyone, looking to sell my stick or make a trade since sadly after the the birth of my two boys it doesn’t see much use these days.

The pros:

It was originally an ssf4 TE “Round 2”.

I swapped the ball top out for one custom made by another SRKr (it is a dark red with a smokey look to it and just a tiny bit bigger than the standard top. Which imo makes it a lot more comfortable.)

It also has custom art with a top plexi made by Art’s Hobbies which you can see below.

Has a custom dust washer also from Art’s Hobbies that fits in with the artwork.

Played with the stick just today and it works perfectly aside from LT or the bottom right button, it does not function. I can send you with a spare button if you would like but sadly I don’t have a black.

The cons:

The bottom right button; labeled LT on the stock mad cat’s TE does** NOT** function. I can include a spare SANWA button from another TE if you would like.

Cord had a MINOR snag in the base a while back, I just wrapped a little electrical tape around it to prevent it from getting worse and haven’t had any sort of problem out of it since.

I would be willing to consider any offers related to musical instruments or $70 shipped. I would love to find a ukulele or something similar but would seriously consider anything that makes noise :wink:

Thanks a lot for reading! Here are some pics of the stick!



is it available? if so let me know




Try the link he left in his post…