WTS/WTT Dj Dao Fp7 for Logitec G27 Racing Wheel (NYC local trade)


Hello SRK I am Selling/Trading My DJ Dao FP7 Beatmania ASC
It has DJ Dao buttons and it works really well.
It works for ps2 and PC through lpt1 (but you can get a newer board that allows usb for a good price)
here http://gamo2.com/en/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=282 (which ill probably buy for myself if I dont get a sale)

the reason I am selling this is so that i can either 1 Put more money on my ps4 pre order or 2 Begin a sim racing hobby with a good wheel.

I am looking for 150 cash (local)
or a Logitec G27 Racing wheel with the pedals and shifters.
if I will not do trades outside of the state mainly because I just recently lost a few valuable things in a scam.
how ever I may consider sales and you would have to add shipping costs to that.

here is an image of the controller in use



Price Drop


Are you still selling? I’m interested in a shipped purchase! :smiley:


are you still selling the dj dao fp7?? im super interested and i go to china town fair very frequently if you want togetrid of it this weekend ill definitely be around, thanks man!


Sorry man I sold that a long time ago