WTS/WTT: Dreamcast Bundle w/ MvC 1 & 2, CvS

Will ship anywhere, at buyers cost if overseas… Games are in Great condition and complete unless otherwise noted. Will not break up DC bundle.

Dreamcast Bundle - 120 shipped OBO SOLD

Dreamcast - Manufactured in March 2000 DC PIC
1 green Official dreamcast controller in excellent condition
1 Blue VMU with save data for MvC2 and a few other games.
2 EMS Lagless ps2 converters 1 in great condition 1 in not so great (broken case, doesn’t have memory card port converter still works lag free.)

MvC1 - two copies 1 is scratched and missing manual but still works perfectly
Sword of the Berserk Gutts Rage
Jet Set Grind Radio

Unpictured are the cords which I was too lazy to unhook for the picture.

Will trade bundle for a SF Anniversary Stick

Hold stick for me.

let me get that stick paypal ready right now!

Will buy the VMU for 10 shipped.