WTS/WTT:dreamcast/hori buttons

sega dreamcast - $40 + shipping
will come with 2 official controllers and a VMU.
i can split these up if you wanted to just buy one part of the bundle.

set of 8 hori buttons (from FS3) - $6 + shipping
i can add another set of 8 from another FS3. they arent perfect so just $3 additional.

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inpin, will buy it. will trade a pelican for your inpin and the difference in price.

sanwa jlf mounting plate
sanwa gty octagonal restictor
sanwa balltop
mas with pcb
mas with no pcb
hori fighting stick 3
innovation PS2 to dreamcast adapter

will not ship out of the US or to hawaii & alaska.
PM me your shipping info for shipping prices.

if you buy something, please post in my feedback thread. thanks :smiley:

I’ll take em both need to see pics though. But still take up.

Please do post pictures! :smile:

ill have pics posted tonight or early tomorrow.

I’ll cashout when ur ready just pm me ur paypal account and pics of both sticks. But I will still buy them asap!!!

added pictures and some sanwa stuff.

bump. price drop. added hfs3

nice stuff, how did you swap the buttons on the fs3 without messing up the sticker?

Ill have to tell my friend about the mas sticks, hes looking for something like that.

you dont really need to take off the front plate to do anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you tell me how much the fs3 would be shipped to 94704? Might be interested in picking it up for a friend, and also might be able to pick it up the week of march 23rd when I’m back home near Temecula.

so your FS3 doesn’t have a sanwa joystick?

would you take a black ds lite for it?
i have a list of my stuff if you want other things

right. no sanwa stick. just buttons.
and not really looking for anything to trade. sorry, friend. :slight_smile:

brig, shipped would be $70

I’m interested in the FS3 as well - I sent you PM. =)

bump. added dreamcast stuff.
will post pics of said stuff if people show interest.

I want the Innovation converters! Sending PM in 3,2,…


edit: added pelican.

I have to pass on the innovations for now. Sorry.

bump, price drops on converters and dreamcast.

hfs3 available again.

whats the condition of the innovation converters? PM me pics?