WTS/WTT: Dual modded Hori V3 SA plus more!*sold*

I’m selling My dual modded Customized Hori V3 SA. It has been fitted with new set of Sanwa buttons and a new Sanwa JLF Joystick, and has custom artwork designed by yours truly. I have decided to save up for one of the New Madcatz VS Compared to what Ive put in I dont really like to sell it that cheap but I’m kinda trying to get rid of it now.



I also am selling all this. 1 dollar per button or balltop shipping is not included.
6 Clear blue 30mm Rollie Buttonspending payment
x3 Solid black 30mm Rollie buttons
x8 Assorted color Hori buttons
x1 Solid White Balltop
x1 Madcatz version of the Sanwa JLF= $10


I have a Madcatz SE project I was working on about a year ago It had one of the PS360 dual mod boards in it that was defective. I sent the board back and they were discontinued. So no I have this beautiful project stick with custom artwork viny dyed and everything, that I simply never got the motivation to seek out other PCB options for it ill throw that in for another 15 dollars. Or for 20 on its own.


SE= sold

Hori v3 sa dual modded- 175 dollars shippedsold pending payment

I would also gladly trade everything for a SFXT VS stick.

Any further questions or offers feel free to p.m. me

Hori v3=Sold to fifty8mm
SE case=Sold to Bizzazz
Red and black sanwa buttons=sold to Kamikazi

That’s a good deal! Good luck with the sell

pm’d for the Rollie buttons

Pm’d about the SE.

Alright everyone has been pme’d back. If the individual parts get sold I will reprice a new bundle for cheaper so I can offer the same good deal this as much about me getting rid of everything as me gettign a new sexy Madcatz joint.

First post updated everyone has been pme’d and price has been dropped. I’ll still sell off whatever parts i have left in a bundle dirt cheap to whoever buys the stick I’m thinking an extra 10 bucks at this point

First post was updated. Ok to everyone that bought stuff I will be shipping on Monday morning. Ive sent my info to those that needed it so make sure your payments are ready by Monday if you want your stuff ASAP. Thanks for your buisness everyone.

Sent payment

TY 58 your stick will ship shortly. First post has been updated I still havent heard back from the member who was interested in the blue buttons so as far as I’m concerned they are up for grabs.

Alright as everything has been shipped out i’m going to ask for the thread to be closed