WTS/WTT Dual Modded Madcatz TE stick

Hey guys, I’m selling my Round 1 TE!

Everything on it is stock, except for the balltop, which I have replaced with a clear one. It looks pretty sweet, but if you’d like the white balltop, I can buy one for you.

It was originally an Xbox 360 TE, but it is now modded with a PS3 Cthulhu and Imp board. The reasoning behind this is so that in the future, if someone wanted to RJ-45 mod it, they could buy an upgrade kit from Toodles and do so.

To switch between modes, the LS|DP|RS switch is used. If the stick is on LS or DP when plugged in, it’ll be in 360 mode, and if it is on RS, it’ll be in PS3 mode.

It’s a wonderful stick, but since I now have a custom stick, I think its time I can sell it.

The only visible defect on the stick is that two of the top panel screws has lost/are losing its black color. I have a picture to show it.

I’m asking for $200 + Shipping for the stick, Only $50 over retail on a brand new stick. Dual mods are quite expensive, so you’re getting a pretty fair deal. Im in no hurry to sell, Im really just testing the waters to see what I can get. I no longer have an xbox so theres no need for me to have a dual mod.

PM me or post here if you’re interested.

The TE:




Screws lost color:

Will Trade For

Japanese PS2 (slim or Fat)n w/ Melty Blood:AA and any ps2 stick
2 PS1 Namco Sticks + cash
any other offers you nay have…


im also looking for trades guys, surprise me

150 shipped?

you said to surprise you…O_O

lolz, i would do 150 shipped if you added something to trade…throw me some ideas

pm sent.

still got it…offer away…

dont be shy with the trade offers…