WTS/WTT empty custom stick + PS3 PCB from HRAP3 SA

I have a custom arcade stick I bought from Lefty on here. Great stick, but I need the cash right now!

Custom stick the custom stick has a little protector plastic coming off, but the art is still intact. Doesn’t hinder the stick at all even more if you choose to change the art! Hasn’t been used too much on my end.

No JLF or Seimitsu buttons. Comes with 3 Sanwa 24mm white buttons tho.

Selling for $50

PS3 PCB from HRAP3 SA the brown wire piece came off, but I checked to see if it works still and it does.

Not sure how much these go for so I’ll price it at $20.

Trades I’m looking for:
HAPP Case or full MASS/HAPP stick.
PS3 games
Just ask!

You might want to confirm if you are removing (keeping) the pcb’s for that stick that you’re willing to give away. It’s just the box, stick and buttons, right? You might have better luck just selling everything cheap and then giving the money to modder for the services you need. Good Luck!!!

Trusted seller/buyer everyone. Cool people and a man of his word!

Yeah it’s currently gutted. Don’t like the feel of a small stick after playing on HRAP for awhile :(. I suppose I’ll keep this i up for a few and if I don’t get a bite I’ll sell. Thanks for the kind words!

bump changed everything… Now selling!

Is that $90 for the TE shipped?

Excluding shipping… You live in NJ, which city?


That’s pretty close to Orange, interested in local pickup?

Definitely interested, but I’d need maybe a day since i’m only interested in the PCB. I want to see if my friend is interested in splitting the cost since he could use the shell and sanwa parts. I’ll get back to you ASAP if it’s still available.

Okay. If other dude falls I’ll let you know.

PM sent

Sold the TE;Updated prices shoot me offers please!

Price drop on case.

tried to pm about HRAP3 pcb…

Cleared inbox, sorry.

bump another price drop. Need this case sold :x

Looking for trades now + price drop again!

Check my thread for that sanwa JLF if you wanna trade it. What’s the condition of it?

Just a suggestion. You might be able to part it out and sell it easier, IMO.


Trading JLF from the custom case now. updated price.