WTS/WTT: Exclusive Comic-Con FightStick TE Xbox 360

Brand New Comic-Con Exclusive FightStick TE for Xbox 360. Numbered 092/250. Asking $219 shipped or willing to trade for a standard 360 TE + cash.

price bump

looking for any trades? Maybe a HRAP3SA? pics?

I would do a trade + cash for a standard 360 TE, but that’s about it. It’s more about obtaining money than finding another stick. I can get you pics, but it’s just a brand new Comic-Con stick in its box.

I’ve got a standard 360 TE BNIB I would want to trade for your SDCC TE, how much +Money$ on top?


very fair price for this exclusive stick!
good luck with sales :slight_smile:

quick question though, why $219?

as opposed to?

I just saw the Marvel Vs Capcom Edition TE Stick now I’m having second thoughts about getting this SDCC stick, cuz the MVC2 one is ubersexy

Firm at $90?

Nice, it looks good. Wish it came with different button color, but I like it.

Yeah, firm at $90.

Cool, I’ll sleep on it and let you know tomorrow morning, if it’s still available :sleep:

no problem. sounds good.

If I dont get the fem fattale stick tomorow , (I mean if they dont sell out before I can oreder it) I have a te stick I will trade you, I took the art of my TE before I even played it, is this an issue?

i’d prefer one that hasn’t had the buttons and art tampered with.

OK than. It was a pretty steep asking price anywyas. I will get the femme stick , I will just have to wait by my screen tonight.

not steep the reg price was 180 plus tax

steep? then i won’t tell you how much I paid for it…

paid close to 300 or more? I woulda considered this but gotta sell my ps3 sdcc first lol I got to many dam sticks I like da mvc2 stick comming out

lol steep. i paid 280 for mine and that was to my friend that got it for me. for that femme stick it’s 160 + shipping. you’re gonna be paying very close for a stick that’s “limited” to 1000 not 500.

the other thing is that comic con TE sold out quickly you can only get em now via 3rd party. the femme one i can guarantee it wont sell out quickly…if at all.