WTS/WTT FFXII CE, SFII V Anime,other stuff

Hello SRK, i haven’t sell anything here before but have bought from other SRKers with no issues.
So, i’m trying to get rid of stuff i’ll not use or is collecting dust in the room.

PS2 - Final Fantasy XII Collectors Edition MINT/BN — $40 shipped (took off the shrink wrap because was getting apart. NEVER used.)

PS2 - KOF XI — $ 14 shipped

Anime - Steert Fighter II V Set (4 DVD) —$24 shipped

PSP - Street Fighter Alpha 3 UMD only — $12 shipped

Thundarcats DVD Season 1 Vol. 1 — $24 shipped

Assorted balltop.(Blue/Black) $3 each shipped

JLW-TM-8 Orange BubbleTop — $15 shipped

Hori Buttons {12 [6 green(HRAP1)/6red(Tekken)]}

Looking for:

  • Pokemon D or P
  • Evo 2k7 DVDs
  • DS (i give difference)

— Shipments Saturday.

** Paypal only please**. Thanks.

Is the dreamcast in good condition?

Yes it is, np with it.

will you ship the dreamcast to Mexico?
is the sf 3s for dreamcast or ps2
Ill take it no mater which system if you ship to mexico.

the 3s is for PS2, i dont have the dreamcast in mexico, i can ship them both to mexico but idk how much for the DC will be. the 3s could be like $115 pesos estafeta next day, or whatever you prefer.

Let me know how much will be for the dreamcast and 3s shiped to Mexico i will pay Tuesday.
I will pay dollars tho

DC and 3s for PS2 on HOLD.
Added Trade stuff.

Can you post pics of FFXII and the HRAP?

Added pic of HRAP, more when i get my gf camera later. Those are hori buttons but it will have blue sanwas and a nice blue bubbletop

i’m interested in the DC if your sale doesn’t go through. shoot me a PM if anything happens with it. located in Danbury, CT.

Awaiting for payment on Tuesday for DC and JP 3s. If not impactol is next in line.

DC and 3s SOLD.
Some prices dropped.

bump, HRAP1 on hold.

HRAP no longer on hold, lowered price.

PM sent about HRAP

HRAP on hold for Kajoq

may i have some pics of the hrap1? im looking for a stick and if it goes off hold im interested.

HRAP sold.

bump, prices are negotiable.