WTS/WTT Games For PS3 TE

Looking through my closet and I’m trying to get rid of the following to either sell or trade toward the purchase of a PS3 TE Stick

Dreamcast USA game for sale

Powerstone 2 no case or manual $20 obo

I have the following Dreamcast games, but they are Japanese versions.

Street Fighter III W Impact /w cases and manual $20 for each obo

Capcom vs SNK Millenium Fight 2000 / No case or manual $20 obo

Tech Romancer w/ Case & Manual… $20 obo

Metal Gear Solid PS1 $10

Nintendo 64 with A/V Cables , Power Cord and expansion pack & 2 Controllers $50 obo

N64 Games $10 each obo

Perfect Dark
WWF No Mercy
Super Mario 64
WCW/NWO Revenge
Xena the warrior princess

SNES Games $10 each obo
Empire strikes back
Rival Turf
Art of Fighting
Super Battletank 2
Jungle Strike
Urban Strike
Logic bomb
D Force
Darius Twin
Return of the Jedi
Mortal Kombat II
Super Conflict

Actraiser SNES $20 obo
Breath of Fire SNES $25 obo
King of Dragons $45 obo

I have an 8-Bit NES System with 2 controllers
RF Switch and Power Cord

A Sega Genesis 3 with controller
RF/AV cord and Cord

more things to be added

bump, but added some new things for grabs thanks for looking…

added some new things

a friendly bump hope I’m within the rules of this as I’m still trying to unload this stuff is anyone is interested…

bumping up again to let me people know about these items and still looking to find things to add


I have a Madcatz SOUL Edition Fightstick for the PS3 in my thread if you’re interested in purchasing.