WTS/WTT: Hori Wireless 360 T6 Stick

Decided to focus on a different project so I’m going to unload whatever I have on my current project. Shipping included on all prices. Will only ship to the lower 48 states and Paypal only.

Also note that I’m willing to trade for a 360 TE of any variant plus cash. Just let me know.

Wireless Hori 360 T6 Stick - $35 shipped

Wireless Hori 360 T6 Stick



Sold Items

Got a set of Blue Sanwa buttons/meshball that I want to sell off as a package. Everything was basically used for less than 5 minutes from new condition. Pictures aren’t the best of the meshball but it’s the newer variant, not the older kind.

8 Blue Sanwa 30mm screw ins - $18 shipped
4 Blue Sanwa 24mm screw ins - $8 shipped
1 Blue Sanwa meshball - $10 shipped

$35 shipped for the whole thing. (Sold)

Blue Sanwa Stuff





2x 24mm Dark Hai Sanwa snap ins - $15 shipped for both (Sold)

Big Pockets Carbon Fiber case - $75 shipped (Sold)

Big Pockets Carbon Fiber Case





6x 30mm Dark Hai Sanwa snap ins, slightly used - $14 shipped (Sold)
1x 24mm Black Sanwa snap in, almost new - free with any other purchase (Sold)
1x Dark Hai Sanwa meshball - $10 shipped (Sold)

Dai Hai Sanwa Buttons/Meshball




I’ll take the meshball! PM me payment info, please.

PM sent.

6x 30mm Dark Hai Sanwa snap ins, slightly used - $14 shipped?

I’ll take those. Check PM.

PM sent for the (2) 24mm dark-hai’s! :wgrin:

Replied to all PMs.

man that carbon fibre case makes my gentleman sausage tingle.

send me a PM if no one takes it by wednesday. :party:

I passed on the (2) 24mm dark-hai’s, so they are still available! Bump for great communication! :tup:

I sent you a pm earlier today, please let me know either way. Thank you!

other pics of the case? Paypal ready

To rhymesxreasons, it looks like the PM system is in the fritz because I sent you a reply with my paypal address and a request for your mailing information for you to purchase it, but I received the exact same PM message from you 3 times. Not sure if that was an issue with the PM system or not, but the 6 30mm Dark Hai Sanwas are avaliable for you to purchase if I can actually get the required information.

To ihiyu, I’ll take some more pictures in a bit.

Edit - More pictures of the Carbon Fiber case finally posted. Will post upclose pictures of the 24mm Dark Hais soon.

Dark Hai Sanwa Meshball sold

Also rhymesxreasons, I sent another PM stating my paypal address and a request for your address. It’s $14 total. If you cannot get that PM or it doesn’t seem to be functioning, just continue the transaction through the Trading Outlet, I’ll just post up my paypal address in public.

I just PM’ed a mod to find out what is going on. I will keep you updated, hopefully I will get an answer soon.

I just thought of something, if you can get my PMs. I will send you my Paypal address, and I believe you can just send me a money request for a gift through Paypal. I will check my email through out the day. Thanks!

Okay I sent a request through Paypal instead with the e-mail address from the PM you just sent me.

is there plexi underneath it??

Payment sent! Thanks again Winchester.

To ihiryu, yes there is a bottom plexi, the feet of the stick are attached to it, it’s just the angle of the camera doesn’t really let you see it that well.

To rhymesxreasons, I will go ahead and ship it out tomorrow. The address listed on the Paypal statement is correct right?

That is correct :slight_smile: Thanks again!

To either ihiryu or defghui, are either of you still interested in the carbon fiber case?

Edit - Also to rhymesxreasons, I went ahead and shipped the package earlier this morning.