WTS/WTT Hrap2, GP2X WIZ, MV1-FZ Consolized

Hrap2 all sanwa buttons ecxept start and selct and JLF bought from Dookie monster a while back. The plexi has a fair amount of scratches besides and some old feet glue on the bottom is perfect. SOLD

Gp2x WIZ bought a couple months ago works perfect no visible scratches that I can see on the screen. Comes with usb power supply,SD to usb card reader ,CD(never used), Manuel, and box,+8GB SD card. SOLD and Shipped

Consolized MVS MV1-FZ board from Neotropolis( http://www.neotropolis.net/33701.html)about 3 weeks ago has UNI bios 3.0 which I understand I overpaid and could have got one cheaper but its very clean work and they had it to me fast which I needed at the time. I’m gonna sell it for a lot less than half of what I bought it for but would really rather trade for some arcade parts or boards even mvs carts. $200

Trades wanted

MVS carts
Arcade parts especially some black or Red IL’s sticks and some IL butttons
Arcade boards
and open to almost anything video game related except newer console games.

I have 2 old feedback threads way before Itrader so if you need me to find them I can hopefully also had Itrader positive feedback only until they wiped it.

got a list of trades for the hrap2?

Sorry edited first post.

Price bump!

I’m kinda surprised no interest in the stick especially since I’m willing to trade so please shoot me offers I’m very reasonable. I understand the other stuff might not be a hit but once again I’m open to many offers as this is just extra shit I have laying around that I have no use for. I wish I could sell on Neo Geo forums but cannot due to not meeting the post requirements.

Price bump on consolized neo geo