WTS/WTT Ipod Touch 16gb $100 or TE-S / AIAB Case / Happ parts

  1. Ipod Touch 16gb 1st generation. Screen is flawless, some scratches on the backside -$100 shipped OR trade for 360 TE-S.
    Imageshack - p00051.jpg
    Imageshack - p00052x.jpg

  2. Arcade in a Box Full Size stick case. Great condition, no cracks/chips, fits HAPP joystick/buttons. - $60 shipped.

  3. Lot of Misc Arcade Parts - 2 Happ competition sticks, 20 buttons, 16 switches, springs, 4 spools of wire, 1 spool of solder, electrical tape - $35 shipped for all of it.

Paypal only. Shipping to lower 48 states.

would you be willing to gut the AIAB stick and just sell the case for $60?

added happ parts, price dropped on Ipod touch

price drop on the ipod again, someone snatch this!

pics of AIAB case?

added pics of the stick case.

anything your interested in trade for the AIAB case?

Mainly looking for cash to buy a new phone but feel free to shoot me a PM with offers, I’m not really interested in anything specific right now.