WTS / WTT Kidrobot Street Fighter Figures


USA only, please.

What I need:

[S]m. bison/dictator[/S] - NO LONGER NEED
[S]brown dhalism[/S] - NO LONGER NEED
[S]green blanka[/S] - NO LONGER NEED
[S]from kidrobot x south park series: regular kenny, kyle, butters[/S] - NO LONGER NEEDED

What I have:
$13 each. Great way to get what you want.

pink chun-li
pink chun-li
red ken
red ken
red ken
red ken
blue honda
green guile
brown dhalsim
balrog ($40 shipped)

Trading Kid Robot x Street Fighter figs

UPDATED: Prices have been dropped to $13 shipped per figure. Get them before they go up on ebay. But I’d still prefer to trade if possible.


I might be down for that red gief and a blue dhalism. I plan on grabbing some today or tomorrow so it’ll depend on whether I get a dupe blanka or not. Also, where are located?


messaged you my location, krypto.


ill take a red ken.


if that gief doesn’t go through i’ll take it off your hands.


i will let you know, strida. thanks for showing interest. UPDATE: 1 red ken left.


i wish the Super Characters would be available =(


Would you be willing to do a trade to the UK? I have a green Blanka that I;d be willing to trade for Blue Dhalsim?


i’d love to do a trade. i’ve actually been looking at your thread lately. i’ll talk to my local usps tomorrow to see if i can get a good shipping price to the uk. i’ll keep you informed.


I’ll take a blue dhalsim. PM me your paypal info and consider it sold : )


figure is on hold, oli. sent you a pm.


Please hold BLUE KEN and Grey RYU. I am very interested with them. Thanks!



UPDATE: it turns out the blue guile was actually a green. my bad. :frowning:


I’ll take back up on ryu.


UPDATE: some figures that weren’t available are now available. please check initial post. i am also now looking for an dictator kidrobot figure.

from now on, if you need me to place figure(s) on hold, please give me a reasonable time frame.


I’m ready to pay ASAP as well. Thanks!


UPDATE: balrog has been added for $40 shipped. i’m also willing to trade this for south park kidrobot figures. check first post.


Added green blanka and blue chun-li


Withdraw my Interest in grey and will take a white Ryu. Please send me your PP info.