WTS/WTT: Lots of Stuff (Arcade Sticks, Anime, Games, Etc) UPDATED [3/17/19]


Silly question, but when you say case + parts, all it needs is stick/buttons and it’s ready to go?


The TE Case already comes with a Sanwa JLF. You just need to add the 8 pushbuttons on the face and a balltop. You can put art on it if you want and you’re good to go.


All PM’s replied to so far. Blazblue TE Fightstick (White) Case + Parts SOLD. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:


Madcatz TE Round 1 (Xbox360) added + a few freebies :slight_smile:


PM sent.




All PM’s replied to. :slight_smile:


PM’d Just in case


Round 1 TE is still available. Price is firm. Also may add a brand new Fightstick VS for PS3 soon :slight_smile:


Does the Link have the deadzone fix?


To be honest, Im not sure. I got it recently from another member on SRK.


does it have any powder coat on the bottom? Or is it just silver?


I believe it is just silver. It isn’t specialty colored.


just silver? I think that doesn’t have the fix then.


Pics added. Potential VS Fightstick for PS3 coming soon :slight_smile:


Oh, the picture of it shows the base with the black powder coat. That is the deadzone fix


Oh i see, thank you for the confirmation. :slight_smile:


Updated things that Im looking for :wink:


All PM’s replied to. Link is currently pending. Will add more items soon :slight_smile:


Phreakmods “The Link” JLF Shaft SOLD. Thanks guys :smiley: