WTS/WTT: Lots of Stuff (Arcade Sticks, Anime, Games, Etc) UPDATED [5/27/19]

How much for:
JLF shipped to 95127
and 6 yellow buttons

how much for Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK x 1 [New].
are you interested in trading for Kid Robot SF figurines (Sagat, Ken (blue) or Blanka (green))

If you are local the Sanwa JLF would be $25, if not then shipping would be added. Sorry, im not interested in trading for the SF Figurines.

Updated. Items added. :slight_smile:

Are you okay with shipping to canada?

Post prices.

@ Ephidel - No Problem. Will do.
@ Oniyo - I am willing to ship them to Canada as long as you cover the shipping costs.

Of course

Interested in the Sanwa stick. How much to ship it to 80205?

All PMs replied to. Items pending.

Green Sanwa Set + Red Seimitsu Bubbletop sold to Torn. Yellow Sanwa Set traded to Birds!. All items will be packed and shipped ASAP. Thank you. :slight_smile:

All PMs replied to so far. All pending items will be shipped out on friday if not saturday at the latest. Thank you. :slight_smile:

More PMs replied to. Most of the items have been spoken for. They will be packed and shipped ASAP. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi. I would like to know if you had a chance to ship my Items . Thanks :slight_smile:

@ Bad Boy Brazil, Im sorry I havent been able to ship out your items yet. Jetlag has been really bad. Im going to try and get them out today, Saturday. If not, Monday at the latest.

All previous PM’s have been replied to. First batch of items have been shipped this morning. Packing up the next batch of items that will be shipped ASAP. :slight_smile:

All PMs have been replied to. Items have been added with pictures.

@Bad Boy Brazil, I will ship out your items on monday

Are the button prices shipping included?

Thanks let me know the priority tracking number later on :slight_smile:

@ Jill Valentine: Prices do not include shipping. However we can work something out if you’re interested.