WTS/WTT: MadCatz KI TE2 Artwork


This thread will be updated immediately as items are sold. If you still see something below, it is still available. Paypal only.

$20 shipped - KI TE2 Original Artwork, brand new.


SOLD - MadCatz TE2 Fightstick for Xbox One (One left)
I have two of these that were owned by FC Twisted Jago and I had him sign the inside compartment of each one. He barely used them. Brand new condition.

SOLD - Parts pulled from a brand new KI TE2
1x JLF + shaft cover + 2 dustwashers
1x Sanwa black balltop
1x Sanwa black battop + adapter (spare from my Razer Atrox. Never used)
1x LS32 harness (works with JLF)

SOLD - Parts pulled from a brand new KI TE2
6x clear red OBSC30s
2x clear smoke OBSC30s


Now willing to sell separately.


Artwork pulled from KI TE2 added


Sticks added!




Parts sold.


Price drip on TE2s!


One TE2 sold, one left!!


Now open to trades


TE2 #2 sold. Artwork is all that’s left. Accepting offers!


Price dropped