WTS/WTT: Manga, Nintendo ROB, RARE Bioshock faceplate + Statue, art books,misc stuff


I’m looking to unload some stuff so I can afford a 3DS next month, OR I’d be willing to accept some trades if you have a blank TE case, or PSX capcom fighters.

Lot of manga, I’d like to sell it as a set, all in near perfect condition, most haven’t been read. Asking $80 OBO.

Nintendo ROB. Missing one hand and his gyro top thingy… Not sure what it is. I have no clue if it works, I don’t have an NES to try it out on. Missing pieces are surprisingly easy to come across, just check eBay. Since I have no idea if it works, I used it as a display piece alongside my other Video game stuff, I’m asking only $25 for it.

I have a very very rare numbered Bioshock 360 faceplate that were given out to gamestop managers only, along with the Big daddy statue that came with the LE of the game. Faceplate has never been used, and the statue is still in original box. I had to reglue the drill back on because my stupid cat knocked it off it’s shelf, but you can’t tell at all. I’m trying to sell them as a set for $130 shipped (Faceplate sells for $120-$ 150 on ebay). I’ll have pictures up shortly.
Here’s a faceplate on auction (NOT MINE) just to give you an idea of the things value. I REALLY want that 3DS, this is a steal.
Bioshock Limited Edition Faceplate Xbox 360 NEW 2 - eBay (item 250586862361 end time Feb-19-11 22:32:54 PST)

DerMonde artbook. Full of Evangelion artwork as well as some SNK art, KOF, Samurai Showdown, etc… Great book. In great condition, Dustcover has normal shelf wear (I got the book years ago). $20 shipped, it is rather large.

Worlds of Amano art book. This thing is freaking amazing and I really don’t want to part with it, but it’s for a good cause, lol. Hardcover book, like new condition. $20 shippied.


how many pages is the DerMonde artbook?


Somewhere around 110 pages


Worlds of Amano art book, is that the artist from ff6 for snes? ff3 in america?


DerMonde artbook is it hardcover or paperback?


Der Mond is paperback

Amano has done art for basically every final fantasy


pic of amano book?


Yeah, I’ll put real pics up soon, I need to get them out of storage.


ok well put me down for maybe depending on the pics.