WTS/WTT MAS stick+InPin/WTB SE or any small stick dual-mod


Like title says looking to buy a SE or one of the smaller Hori dual-mods. PS3/360 Sanwa JLF stick no buttons. PM me offers.

IMGP0002.jpg picture by Veikuri - Photobucket
IMGP0001.jpg picture by Veikuri - Photobucket
IMGP0007.jpg picture by Veikuri - Photobucket

$110 for it.


How much you’re looking to spend? I still have this.


I’m trying to spend less than $100, lol. GL on your sale tho!


It’s going to be hard to find a dual modded stick under 100. I have one in my buy thread for 100


The TvC stick for PS3/360 that says $100 or a different one?


Yeah that one, my bad I thought I put 100. It comes with stock parts if that’s fine.


does price include shipping?


kRaZzy - Yes if you’re in the US.

Bart - I’ll let you know if I want it.