WTS/WTT: Misc Game Stuff: Six Axis PCB, OSBF-30 Dark Hai, PS2 remote, SNES games

Namco PS1/PS2 Arcade Joystick $80 shipped. Yellow ball top has some surface scratches. Bottom plate was painted machine gray and joystick shaft painted gloss black. Cleaned and lubed all joystick parts.

Happ Competition Concave x6 (modded microswitches for faster engagement) $12 shipped

PC Games (all are in their box and will include a key to play if necessary) $6 shipped each or $20 shipped for all of them
Battlefield Vietnam x 2 copies to play with you and your friend
Need for Speed Underground 2
Paci5 Flying Games (Search & Rescue 3, Bounty Hunter, Jet Fighter IV, FLY! II, Red Ace)
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent
Tomb Raider Legend

GB Advanced rechargeable battery kit. New in box. $6 shipped


Dragon Ball for Famicom. The OG cartridge… I have to find a pic of it, but this is a youtube video of the game $10 shipped.

PS2 DVD Remote $10 shipped.

More to come as I clean up my room. Prices are shipped in the US.


OSBF-30 White Grey x 6 buttons.
OSBF-30 White x 6 buttons
Voltech case (6-button Vewlix lay out) **Pending pickup
Sanwa Black/White
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT
TE Bezel with Art
PS3 Six Axis PCB with battery

More stuff =)

Added some non game stuff and some more game stuff.

Need to move a couple items. Don’t be afraid to make an offer. The worst I can do is say no =)

Saturday Morning bump

Buttons and joystick added.

Buttons and joystick sold. More buttons!

pm sent

Any pictures of the Voltech case?

the cleaner, you got pm.

ViperXL, sorry, the Voltech is already on hold for pick up. I should update this thread.

No problem. Let me know if the sale falls through.

Done deal.

I put the details in the paypal notes.

Thanks again James, can’t wait to see this thing!