WTS/WTT: MVC2 for 360,Wii and 360 sticks, SFC swag bag and more

so i have some extra junk for sale.

the list:

MvC2 dl code for the 360:** SOLD waiting for payment
Xbox SF Anniversary Collection used/mint: 23$shipped

Wii Hori Fight Stick:SOLD waiting for payment
includes original box

new sealed pokemon edition DSlite: 150$shipped
includes NDSlite, carrying case, and a bonus DVD

SFC swag bag: 60$shipped
this is the bag from Mr.Wiz’s Bday… only 250 were madet. pretty rare imo
includes a sealed XL limited edition shirt, sealed bar of SF soap, sealed SF headband, and some comics

Modded SE Madcatz stick: 130$shipped(shipping price may vary)
comes with 6 pink buttons and a purple ball top.
can switch out for all white parts
all parts are sanwa

i want:
a MAS stick for 360
or an american stick in general, preferably with an older p360. the good ones without corner problems.

shipping prices subject to change if weight becomes an issue

dont be afraid to shoot me an offer

pics up soon

ps. anyone interested in an unlocked and jailbroken 8gb iphone 3g or a tmobile G1 pm me for details

pmed for wii hori stick. if you can give a sexy price for the iphone 3g pm me let me know how much. thanks.

EDIT: Disregard that. Thanks lovepig78! I’ll PM you back tomorrow.

wii stick and mvc2 are sold

just awaiting payment


The white buttons you can switch out to are Sanwa as well right? Also I responded to your posts in my thread.

payment sent. thanks again!

see you around mvc2 online :slight_smile: