WTS/WTT New Femme Fatale Xbox 360 Stick

Putting on eBay. Please delete thread.

the max i think you could get here is 250 shipped for that stick since its new just trying to give u a heads up there is a price check thread in the top of this forum

If it’s too high then people can make offers, right? I posted in the price check thread the other day but haven’t heard back on it. I think $250 is definitely low for a new one considering a used one just went for $300 on eBay not too long ago.

u may get more on ebay then here and u can post for offered theres one for sale now on here for 250 as well

If thats true then put it on ebay.

Its actually $225 shipped Ibeatu

And it has heavy duty RG buttons which are worth like $6 bucks a piece!


yea u are right i thought i seen a price drop :slight_smile:

true :slight_smile: that comic con te is my fav of all too bad i sold mine :frowning: if i wasn’t basically trying to get rid of mostly all my sticks i might of picked it up

I hear you, im in the same boat…

You really shouldn’t use ebay as an example for “market value,” its very overpriced. $200-250 with a 235 median is a good price for that stick. Keep in mind that if you are more realistic with your prices, it’ll sell faster. Ebay isn’t realistic.

Max you should get is 200 realisticlly… ill buy 200 flat.

And before you say "ebay has em for 399 " why haven’t they sold then?

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One did sell for $300 just last month on eBay, and it was used. I guess I’m going to list mine on there and see what I can get.

I can do $150 shipped to 92618, let me know I can paypal immediately.

I would do 200 + shipping, ebay is an auction if someone wants it bad enough they will always pay more than the value of the item but you can’t use their passion for the item as the fair market value.

So we got our own version of eBay going on now :wink: jk

This one brought me a chuckle. Good luck with the sale.

You know ebay bumps up the price themselves and does fake bids if people are seen bidding to raise the price and they usually take 10-20%.

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