WTS/WTT: New HRAP EX-SE, modded ASCII Dreamcast stick (Sanwas)


New Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-Seimitsu edition. LS-32 and PS-14-Gs. Xbox 360. Played it for an hour to test it, works on 360 and PC (w/ drivers). $120 shipped CONUS.

My first stick. Bought it from someone here on SRK. It’s a modded ASCII Dreamcast stick. Vibration has been removed, modded with custom Ikaruga art, a Sanwa JLF (square gate) and OBSF buttons. VMU slot works. $115 shipped CONUS.

Trades: I am looking for a PS2 or 360 Seimitsu stick/buttons setup that is common ground; I’m going to mod it with a cthulhu in the future. I will trade either stick straight up. Seimitsus are preferred but an LS-32 and Sanwa buttons or an all Sanwa setup would be considered as well.

Looking for Accent Core+, Arcana Heart! and 98UM for PS2 (values: $20), PS2–>GC and PS2–>DC converters, and a Seimitsu LS-32 as items for partial trade (read: +money) for an item.

Paypal only, I ship to lower 48. Thanks guys.




PM replied.


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