WTS/WTT Nintendo DS + Collection/WTB Wacom Tablet Intuos Small or Bamboo Medium


Selling my Nintendo DS Collection + the DS itself for $250 + Shipping

Nintendo DS black with blue clamshell cover - $100, hasn’t been played extensively (my old one crapped out during the summer so I picked this one up brand new at gamestop)
Final Fantasy III (no instructions) - $20
Final Fantasy IV - $20
Final Fantasy Advance A2 - $20
Crono Trigger - $30
Castlevania Portrait of Ruin (no instructions) - $20
Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - $20
Locke’s Quest - $20
Puzzle Quest (no instructions) $10
Zelda Phantom Hourglass - $15
Desktop Tower Defense -$10
Kirby’s Superstar - $15
Civilization Revolutions - $10

Will also sell the entire lot $250 + shipping


Will trade a joystick maker for a custom made PS3/360 joystick made to my specifications, which are:

-Must be compatible with PS3/PC/360
-A nice (preferably non-slanted) hardwood case with a laquored finish (doesn’t have to be anything super expensive like zebrawood or purple heart)
-Clear Sanwa JLF joystick + Seimitsu (?) buttons that allow one to show artwork
-LEDs behind the main attack buttons
-A print applied of my choosing

Yeah I know this is a lot of work, if you’re willing to do this though I can throw in a free madcatz 360 controller to use in the dual modding or save for later


I’m looking for a wacom tablet, willing to pay $90 shipped for it, must have the pen, don’t care about the mouse, in good working order. Willing to pay more for a larger tablet possibly, if anyone has one for sale in good shape, let me know.

I have an intuos4 medium that’d I let go for something like $280 but that’s probably out of your price range. Let me know if you’re interested anyways. Thanks

Mmm yeah I only got like $140 I can spend on this thing, and while I’ve found a couple of places that would sell it for lower + shipping for that price, they won’t mail it to Canada which sucks :frowning: