WTS/WTT: Nothing at the moment *Mods Don't Close!*

Nothing for sale atm, Mods please don’t close this.

lol, you didn’t respond to my text. Give me a deal on a stick lol. That or trade me for some crap.

you should just sell all that stuff instead of letting it collect dust:)

What platform you looking for? Gimme a call and let me know which one you’d be interested in bro. :slight_smile:

Dropped the price of the dual-modded stick to $175. C’mon people, help a brother out. XD

bump. selling the dual modded stick for 110 shipped. this is for my final round 13 fund, without this, I won’t be able to go. Help me out! I’m begging you! :slight_smile: I need this sold within the next 24-48 hours.


Post pics of the SFAC if you can…

I’ll get 'em up tomorrow. PM responded to, ibeatu.

HRAP is sold, pics of the SFAC will be up today. Got some stuff to do first.

dual modded for which systems?

ps3 n 360

Dual modded sold. :slight_smile:

BUMP. New items!

Dam u added alot of stuff pimp swirl case n dats a mint Sfac stick gl on ur sales:)

Yeah, now who’s the boss man who sold me that? XD

And yeah, it’s in great condition IMO for how old it is. Hope somebody buys it.

im confused, what are you selling on the te?

he selling every thing but the sanwa jlf that comes in the te

What ibeatu said. Everything but the JLF in the TE.

Bought the HRAP3:SA from .Cobra. Very good transaction, no problems. Just received it today and it was in great condition.