WTS/WTT: PC goodies, Sennheiser HD 595 headphones and other stuff


Have a few things for sale:

LG G2 SPRINT CLEAN ESN, no scratches on screen (screen protector) or any other wear - $330 (shipped)
Astro Mixamp 2013 Version** - Like new in Box ($110 shipped)

Logitech G500s - (New in Box) $60 shipped

i7-960 CPU. Have ran this stock for a while and have never had issues with it. Comes with original box and heatsink. $120 shipped

Asus XONAR DS Used but working great. Only selling due to my new mobo not being compatible. $26 shipped

Sennheiser HD 595 headphones Like new in box with headphone clamp thing. $125 shipped

I’ve been selling on here every now and again, unfortunately, most of the time they update the site they erased my feedback which is probably around 50+. I have heatware now under mcginnisand ebay under cloud_strife00.

Prices aren’t firm and I always try to be flexible, just send me an offer and I’ll see if we can work something out, ^_^’.

Also, I am interested in trades. Kinda wanting a sanwa xbox one joystick but open to other electronics. Just let me know what you have!