WTS/WTT PS/PS2/Wii games etc

Okay so this list is kind of short but I got a few not so common games I want to get rid of to pay for a Sanwa stick and buttons for my SE SF4 fight stick so yea…

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (About 50 shipped, maybe less depending on shipping): Game is complete and works. Includes all four discs, the cloth map and the small book. In good condition.

Final Fantasy Origins: (About 10 shipped, again maybe less depending on shipping) Disc in good condition, includes the manual. Has a few Gamestop stickers on it, meh.

Vagrant Story (About 15 shipped): Game is used but in good condition and works. Doesn’t include bonus disc or manual, alas.

Wii Sports (About 25 shipped): Includes the small paper carrying case and the game, which is in good condition and works.

King of Fighters 2002/2003 (About 25 shipped): Both games in good condition, includes the case and manual.

Also willing to trade for some of these games for a Sanwa stick and buttons (I.e the ones you can put into a SE SF4 stick. Hopefully in a violet color)

Interest Check:
I also have a Sega Nomad but since I have a regular system, the Nomad sits around and collects dust. Seems useless to keep it around but I don’t know how it might sell soo…maybe 60 shipped? Also includes the power adaptor.

I don’t have much of a feedback thread here but here is my feedback page from ebay: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=shdwtorn&ftab=AllFeedback&myworld=true

Any questions, PM