WTS/WTT PS3 Tekken 6 LE bundle split up or whole


UPDATE: Wireless stick is on hold for a local, T6 copy is gone.

tl;dr version:

I’ll sell the whole bundle for $135 shipped. I’m also willing to split it up. T6 for $50 and the stick for $85. Also if someone has a copy of Demon’s Souls they wanna offload I’d knock down the price for that as well.

A store here released Tekken 6 3 days early so I got it from there, and couldn’t cancel my Amazon preorder because I used a promo code on it a few months back that let me get it for cheap. At first I considered selling the T6 copy I bought early, but decided I just don’t have a need for another arcade stick (HRAP2SA + inPin gogogo!) so I’ll part with the bundle instead.

The bundle itself is open, the actual T6 copy is sealed, and I took out the stick to mess around with it…didn’t get to test it out because I didn’t see the included batteries until I was boxing it back up, and just didn’t care at that point. I’m sure it works. Also I flipped through the art book, but I didn’t drop it in a bucket of water or slather it with bacon grease or anything.


Which one of the two is with the Artbook including?
$85 for Wireless Tekken 6 Stick with Artbook?
$50 for Tekken 6 game with Artbook?


Because it would be a hassle to include it with the much smaller T6 game…we’ll say the arcade stick. Which would also include the box everything came in.


Check my trading outlet and see if there’s anything you’re interested in to bring the price down. Not that you’re probably interested, but I’d trade every friggin’ figurine I have for that. O.O


I’m considering splitting up my XBox 360 LE bundle since I don’t necessarily need the stick anymore and managed to get an advanced copy of the game. PM if interested.


Alright, I have the stick on hold for a local right now. Still have a copy of Tekken 6 sealed available if anyone wants that for $50 shipped.


i pmed u about the stick