WTS/WTT: PVC Figurines and more! *Updated*


Laptop is on it’s last leg and ready to die, so I’m trying to sell some of my stuff to help pay for a new one. Looking to sell what I can, but I am DEFINITELY open for trades. As for what I’m looking for, arcade parts, empty fightstick cases, whatever, really. Just no more action figures or figurines, considering I’m selling what I got already. Just PM me or post here with your offers.

Few things to keep in mind while looking:

-I’m doing a bit of cleaning, so check back often to see if I’ve added anything.
-You’ll probably notice some dust on the figures, but they’ll be wiped off/cleaned before shipping.
-All sales are final.

And lastly, all items are sold AS-IS. You get what you see in the picture.

Hori DOA Fight Stick, EX2 I believe. Works just fine, doesn’t have original box.

Price: $50

Strategy Guide for Kingdom Hearts 1 for PS2. Gotten some use, but still in decent shape. Pic coming later.

Price: $10

Putting these two together. First up is an Iron Man Mark I figurine. Die-cast, and a pretty decent weight for a small figure. Stands 3 1/2" tall. Next up is Cyclops from X-men, classic version. Die-cast, and stands 3 1/2 " tall as well. Both in great condition. The detail on Iron Man is absolutely remarkable, the pictures don’t do it justice. Great addition for a marvel collector or fan, or for just putting on the shelf next to your other figurines.


Iron Man: Front and Back

Cyclops: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040873.jpg

Price: $30

Battlestar Galactica Cylon figure. Stands a hair under 8" tall, so he’s a pretty good size. Pretty good detail, better than a lot of figures I see nowadays. Pic is pretty much actual size.

Price: $7

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040874.jpg

I have Posters received from my local Gamestop when they were giving them away. Turns out they weren’t as popular as they thought they were, so instead of being a “Free, Take One” deal, I was able to get the last 5 packs, with 8 Posters in each pack. I kept 3 sealed and put away, and opened two packs. They measure 22" Tall, and 17" Wide. Still sealed in the cellophane. And also, no, these don’t have the white border shown in the pic, that’s just the preview pic on the front of the pack. Great addition to any game room.

Price: $15 per pack!!!

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040869.jpg

Also, since I believe I have one or two packs open, I have some loose ones if you’d like to purchase them individually. Just send a PM or post here with which one you’d like.

Next up is a section in and of itself, my small collection of PVC figurines and action figures. Pics and details below.

Set of 3 Capcom vs SNK 2 mini PVC figurines. Mint in the package, never been opened. From what I’ve heard and have been told these are fairly rare.

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040865.jpg

Price: $30

Ichigo Kurosaki PVC Figurine. Got him in the collectors edition of the 2nd box set of Bleach.

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040843.jpg

Price: $15

Small set of assorted PVC figurines from Bleach. Hollow Ichigo and Grimmjaw are missing their swords, unfortunately. Can’t find them for the life of me.

Pics: Pic #1 Pic #2

Price: **$25 for the lot. ** Eating a loss here, considering I paid almost $10 apiece

Set of 4 Saber PVC Figurines from Fate Stay Night. Got them in a 4-pack. Unfortunately one of them is missing a stand so it will need to be propped up, but no damage otherwise.

Pics: Pic #1 Pic #2

Price: $20 for the lot

Set of 2 Death Note PVC figurines, featuring Light Yagami and L.

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040850.jpg

Price: $10 for both.

Marcus Fenix from Gears Of War 1. These figures weren’t made very well. The first one I bought his arm came off as soon as I opened the packaging, so I took it back. Same thing happened with the 2nd, so I took that one back, and this is the 3rd. His feet will come off if you pull on them, but as long as you don’t mess around with him and just stand him up, he’s fine.

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040851.jpg

Price: $5

Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5. Only used for display, never been played with. Comes with Machete, Pistol and Shotgun.

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040864.jpg

Price: $10

Set of 2 figurines from Halo 3. First one is Masterchief with his shotgun, taking on the flood. 2nd is a Cloak variant Arbiter, with the energy sword.

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040852.jpg

Price: $15 each, or $25 for both.

Set of 2 figures from NBC’s Heroes. Sylar and Hiro Nakamura.

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040853.jpg

Price: **$10 Each, or $15 for both. **

Set of 4 Halo “Kubricks”, still sealed in the packaging. Bought because it has the rare “violet” Halo spartan on the right, instead of the normal white spartan. Very rare and hard to find.

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040858.jpg

Price: **$50 (or best offer) ** These retail anywhere from about $75-$100, so I’m eating a loss here. I am willing to trade with these, definitely. Just PM me with what you’re willing to trade with.

Bust of Batman from Batman Begins.

Pic: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/Trading%20Outlet/P1040860.jpg

Price: $20

Sold Items:

-Blazblue Extra DVD’s Came with Limited Edition -Sold to Dintrao
-Fable for original Xbox -Sold to Dintrao
-Set of 2 PVC figurines of Kambei and Kyuzo from Samurai 7. -Sold to Kazujiro
-Set of 4 Halo 3 figures. -Traded to KYJellyDonut
-Xbox 360 Power Brick. -Sold to 4lefty
-MvC2 for PS2. -Sold to EmptyShiki
-Madcatz SE Buttons. -Sold to Hentekorino
-Street Fighter 4 Extra DVD -Sold to piercingmountain
-Death Note Movies w/ Free Notebook, and God Of War Kratos figure -Sold to Maledar
Thanks for looking. :china:


I’ll straight up trade you my modded SE for yours.

Sorry, didn’t see that you didn’t have a 360 anymore headdesk



It’s all good, man. If I’d have had a 360 I would’ve traded for that in a minute, lol. Blanka is so freakin’ sweet.

Thanks for looking, though. Nice to find another fellow MI’er. :smiley:

EDIT: Updated with my collection of figurines, some DVD’s and pics.


-Sold Blazblue Extra DVD/OST and Xbox Fable

-Added new action figure. Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5.

-Added a BRAND NEW Official Xbox 360 Power Supply.


Im looking into the arcade stick, looks nice.


Good to hear. If you have any questions let me know.


Are Kambei and Kyuzo $10 shipped?


No, I haven’t included shipping in my default prices, but it shouldn’t be much at all to ship them. I can cover shipping for those if you want.


Well, I don’t want to give you nothing for them; would $15 shipped work for you?


Sounds great! :tup::tup: SOLD.

How you wanna do payment? I don’t have a paypal account.


Added a new item. Complete set of 3 Capcom vs SNK mini PVC figurines. Check first post for more information.

hope i’m allowed to do a new post for an added item, if not, please let me know. Don’t want any infractions.


Reduced the Price on a couple items, offering free shipping on the Saber Fate Stay Night Figurine set, and now offering BOGO deals. :slight_smile:


Ill take the buttons and ball top. Shipping to 14052. Just send me a PM


PM sent.


That power brick for the 360. Can I get a pic of it? As you might know, not every power brick will work for every 360. It has something to do with the prongs matching up differently depending on what chipset the 360 is. Also, does it also come with the power cord too? The power brick and the cord can be seperated that’s why I ask.


I’ll send a PM with a pic in a bit. But yes, it does come with the power cord. :slight_smile:


Nubytech Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Edition Fightpad PCB Board.
You said this includes the shell? If so I’m way interested.


Yes, it does. Includes the original Akuma controller shell, and the original box for it as well. :slight_smile:


Wow, I’m completely illiterate. I thought it said “fightstick.” Sorry for wasting your time.


sad face

Lol, it’s all good. Just a mistake.

EDIT: Added some Posters I found in the closet. Sellin’ them off cheap! Check first post for more info.