WTS/WTT Random Arcade Stick Parts

Everything is sold.

i am interested in the cherry switches and the 3 mounting plates if you cant lot it all off.

do u have a shaft froma hori thats spare?

I think one or two of them are Hori, one is from an Agetec, I also have the shaft from a SF anniversary stick.

how much for a hori shaft its slightly smaller then a sanwa i believe

The shafts I have measure at 2x 1 1/8 inch, 2x 1 1/2 inch, sorry for standard I couldn’t find my metric scale.

I can let each shaft go for like 2 - 2.50 each, shipping will be like 3 though in an envelope.

Couple of quick questions about the 360 pcb. Is it safe to assume it’s the older, non-CG board? Has anyone tried padhacking it already and given up, or is it a fresh board? Any chance you have the back casing, or at least the area that the battery pack clips into?

The PCB has not been tried to padhack as far as I know, triggers are removed. It is just the PCB, no plastic. I think the guy who had it planned to padhack it and gave up before starting. If you pay shipping I can send it to you. I’m mostly concerned with parting out the joystick stuff.

Updated with what is left. Some price drops.

Sending you a PM.

Updated with what’s left. Looking to get rid of all for any price at this point.