WTS/WTT REAL converter


Real Converter NIP, tested once.
28.00 shipped obo US lower 48 only. PAYPAL only
OR Trade for axisdapter board (completed type-C)

—still available----


InPin Converter NIP, tested once.

Seimitsu LS33 (blue or red ball top) NEW never used.


can you hold one inpin for me til tomorrow evening? around 6pm pst?


1x Inpin on hold til 6pm 3-5-2009


Willing to buy 2 InPins if you’ll ship to Canada. I can throw in a few dollars for the extra shipping. Toss me an email at project_rs2@hotmail.com


I’d like that LS-33. PM sent


pm sent


yeah i’ll be able to get it today once i get home from work. I’ll PM you then.


PM sent


damn bro, where were you acouple of weeks ago. I need 3 of these quick. i waited it out and they came from korea today. lol
GL with your sale


PM sent


PM sent for Inpin


Pm sent for inpin


weekend bump


Do not bump your thread unless you are dropping your price by 5%. That is a rule, ya know.


I didnt know that so guilty as charged. Price dropped.


price dropped bumped




pm returned… pending.