WTS/WTT Sacred 2: Fallen Angel PS3 version. (SOLD!)



Diablo/Champions of Norrath style game for those who never heard of it. Game case and manual in excellent condition. No pics atm because I’m lazy!! :shy:

Here’s a stock photo:


$40.00 shipped. Paypal only, all sales final. Shipping to continental U.S. only. Will sell to the first person who has the money ready to go. Will ship up to 2 BUSINESS DAYS after payment is received!**

Price is negotiable.


Also got a few games I’d be willing to trade for. Games MUST be complete and MUST be in excellent condition (Game with none or LIGHT scratching, manual not bent or torn/stained/etc). I’m currently looking for:


  • Resistance 2 (High priority)

  • Infamous


  • Wario Shake It

Those are some priorities. Also looking for PSP and Xbox 360 games, hit me up!

~ Dan’s Student