WTS/WTT Saulabi korean stick with brand new parts...$75 shipped!

stock pcb for ps3/pc.
joystick is Crown CWL306, buttons are Crown CWB203A, except for start and back, those are stock buttons, i added a sanwa 24mm button to back for a home button.
covered in 3m di noc carbon fiber vinyl, easily removed if your not into that sort of thing

open to trades, just pm me or post

I’ve never used a K-stick but have always been curious. Before I even think about buying this, what are the pro’s & con’s compared to a all-Sanwa stick? Thx!

sent you a pm, no real benefit, just different

still available

What condition is the case in? Any scratches, blemishes, etc?

That is a pretty good deal for a Saulabi modded.

Have a question, how did you get a home button on a stock Saulabi PCB? AFAIK, there is no way to tap home from a Saulabi PCB.

The case is mint, no problems at all. I put a home button on there because i was planning to use an axisadapter

open to trades as well

have had a few p.m.'s still available

Hello, I was looking to do this myself but since I see that you have done it already I am very interested. If it is still available please pm me.

Could you post a pic of the insides?

sleepking, i cant pm you, you only have one post. pm me when you can

Mizkreant, i will get a pic of the insides for you.

W00P thanks for the reply hope to get that pm out shortly