WTS/WTT: Sega Saturn Fight Sticks and Games


I have a used ASCII bat top arcade stick and an Eclipse arcade stick that I no longer have any use for. The Joystick on ASCII is a little loose but the micro switches are still very responsive. The Eclipse stick might as well be new. I bought it new a few years ago and only opened it to test it out on some D&D. The box was unfortunately crushed in storage so I threw that away.

ASCII Arcade Stick - 15$ shipped
Eclipse Arcade Stick - 9$ shipped

Sealed US copy of Fighting Vipers 14$ shipped.** SOLD**
Star Gladiator (ps1 import) $7 shipped
Virtual On (Saturn Import) $7 shipped
Daytona USA (Saturn disc only) (free if you buy something)
Virtua Tennis (Dreamcast disc only) (free if you buy something)
NBA2K (Dreamcast disc only) (free if you buy something)



added a few items and price drop on both sticks.


price drop


Cool stuff, wish I could pick it up!