WTS:WTT: SEIMITSU parts and pcb + other cool stuff


i have one seimitsu LS-32 (non-PCB) SS plate with 15mins of play on it. its comes w/ black and pink ball top, selling it for $25 + free shipping

got 8 30mm and 2 24mm seimitsu push buttons from the HRAP ex-se.
selling those for $20 + free shipping = SOLD

HRAP EX-SE PCB for $10 + free shipping = SOLD

clear arrow dust cover (non-shaft cover) for $5 + free shipping

12 white horizontal push buttons for $15 + free shipping

got a vintage (1979) Mattel Electronics FOOTBALL video game in mint condition.
selling for $25 + free shipping

Call of Duty:MW2 (xbox360) and Street Fighter IV (xbox360)
selling those together for $30 + free shipping

if you want pictures on any of the items just ask.

paypal only please and sorry no international shipping except Canada, that’s if you are willing to pay for the shipping


pm’ed regarding pcb


How much would it be just to get six of those 30mm buttons? (4 colored, 2 black)


sorry selling the whole set only


Hrap ex-se pcb SOLD to HvE


paintball gear sold


Hit me up if you plan to sell (x6) buttons. Will pay now.


What type (snap-in/screw-on) and what color are these buttons?




snap-in and its red,blue,green,yellow and the other 6 are black


PM’d - I’d be happy to take those buttons off your hands!


Payment sent for the buttons.


seimitsu push buttons SOLD to Elementalor


Got the buttons a few days ago, thanks!


no problem, glad you like them.