WTS/WTT: Stick parts, XConverter 360, and PS3 games; offering stick mods

Want to get rid of some stuff that I have just lying around. Will update as I go.

Stuff for sale (total price includes price of item AND shipping in the U.S.)

-Xbox 360 wired controller by Microsoft: Looks good as new. $20
-Hori Xbox 360 wired EX2 Fightpad: Still in package. $20
-Set of 8 Seimitsu PS-14-G buttons: 30mm snap-in buttons that come with Hori HRAP-EX SE. $20
-Xconverter 360: A PS1/PS2 to 360 converter formerly sold on etokki.com. Requires a 360 controller to be plugged in to override 360 security before usage. $22
-Dynasty Warriors 7 for PS3: Includes game, box, and manual. $30
-Super Street Fighter IV for PS3: Includes game, box, and manual. $25
-Street Fighter IV (Vanilla) for PS3: Includes game, box, and manual. $15
-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for PS3: Includes game, box, and manual. $15

Stuff I want in a buy/trade (or to reduce price of listed selling items)
[example: SS-mounting plate ($5) traded for SSFIV ($25) = SSFIV now costs $20]

-PS360 PCB ($55)
-Seimitsu SS-mounting plate for LS-32/LS-40 ($5)
-Sony-brand PS1 digital/analog controllers ($6 for digital controllers, $7 for analog controllers)

My stick modding services
Here’s my link the “Need a modder?” Thread: Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

Basically, I specialize in various mods on certain retail Hori or Mad Catz sticks. I can also make simple artwork templates, print them out, cut out holes for stick shaft and buttons.

For a fully customized (includes installation of Sanwa or Seimitsu stick and buttons, padhacked controllers or dualmod PCB, and artwork) Mad Catz or Hori stick, expect to spend roughly $120-$200 + approx. $15 shipping.

For just a printed and cut up artwork for Mad Catz SE or Hori sticks, $10 (shipping included). Just provide some nice, high quality artwork. I’ll do the cutting. Choice of just 32 lb. paper or Lami-Label.

Pictures coming soon.

LS-33 sold. Added some pics.

since you have the buttons from an EX-SE, would you happen to have the usb cable? if so i’ll take it off your hands, i need a new one to replace mine!