WTS/WTT: Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Edition Arcade Stick for Xbox/PS2, Modded


Hey Guys,

Looking to either sell for $100 Shipped or Trade for another stick (willing to pay+trade)

Bought this stick a couple months ago, and then bought these new parts to install and finally got around to installing them ($50 in parts alone):
Sanwa JLW-TM-8 Joystick, square gate
Red IL Competition Pushbutton PSL-L
Black IL Competition Pushbutton PSL-L
SANWA LB-30-N Black Battop

Stick comes with parts listed above, official box (sadly, the person i bought it from SHIPPED it in this box, so you’ll see the stickers on it from usps), does not include poster.



Pm sent


For anyone who was interested in this pretty sure he sold it over eBay for 60 bucks to some lucky dude :smiley:


Its sold a few times. Keeps going back up. Must have a reserve on it


Sorry guys! Put it on ebay, but the paypal check was just declined. Still for sale! Answering PMs now