WTS/WTT Street fighter kidrobots

note: This thread is intended for all to sell/trade their kid robot street fighter figure

This thread is solely for those who are buying the blind boxed figures and coming up with duplicates or unwanted figures who would like to trade amongst each other or sell their figure(cap at 15) to break even. And of course for those who just want to buy the figures at a great price and not worry about randomly forking over money for a mystery figure

This thread is NOT meant as a “make profits” thread where you sell your figures for ungodly amounts (ahem…eBay).

Instead this thread is meant for you to break even on the figure and give someone here in the thread a chance to get the figure they are missing or want without having to risk buying a blind box…

So lets set the asking price at 15.(within U.S.A)

This will cover the retail price you spent 9.99 plus shipping. post the figures you don’t need and if people want to trade amongst each other or just sell them off great.

this is not meant to sell over priced items. save that for eBay.

15 sounds more than fair. Shipping on something like that would only be a few dollars. I like this idea, maybe I won’t be so hesitant to buy more than one.

On a side note, I really lucked out with the Futurama Kidrobot toys and bought 5 of them, no repeats.

nice. yeah i hope this takes off. It would be great to know that If i get an extra maybe someone here would want it and i get my money back to try again while they get a great deal without the hassle of searching for the missing one. and of course the other way around.

So these are out now? I’m ordering 2 of em tonight!

yeah i have guile and blanka. the comic shop closest to me is closed at 6 today so i will probably head out tomorrow unless i wanna make a 40 minute trip to the next that has them in stock. not sure yet lol. will have to see what the GF wants to do when she gets off work

Honestly i do not like blind boxes but if someone gets a vega i will gladly purchase it.

Didnt know these were out already. Hopefully Newbury Comics has them. Ill have to check tomorrow.

[S]Thanks for creating this thread. I bought 3 yesterday, so I’ll see what I’ll have to sell. Considering my luck with blind boxes, I’ll get at least 2 Ryu/Ken since they’re 2/10 each.[/S]

Edit: OP, you’re a couple months short of the selling requirement.

Wow, I thought it was either 6 months or 50 post. darn. I have an existing account on here as well I just forgot the username. Ill find out what it is and post as that so I guess hold on mine till that happens. My bad guys

*** seems my exsisting account was the same account name I am using. I have contacted SRK to see if there is anything they can do. Until than please trade and sell amongst yourselves. I will remove the items I am wanting to sell until this is sorted out and if the resolution is to just wait the till the 6 month mark than thats what ill do

If anyone gets a Vega/Bison (dunno if he’s in the set?) Before I do, I’d love to buy them :3 I’ll end up buying a few blind boxes, I know it.

So Vega seems to be rare in the set so i think i am just going to get mine on Ebay seeing as i doubt anyone will sell it on here.

Yeah I think it is the rarest of the set. I will upload the odds in a sec

I thought Bison is the rarest.

The ratios i saw go
The regular fighters 1/20 alt colors
Original colors 1/25
Balrog and Sagat 1/40
Vega ??/??
Bison 1/80
Psycho Bison ??/??

I would imagine Vega is up there since it has a random marking but i guess thats not what the eBay prices show. with bison they at least show he has 1 out of 80.

I would love balrog and sim. i now have chun(pink), Blanka(blue), Geif,Ryu,and Guile

Thanks for fixing that i was just doing that from 3 second memory.

I really only want Vega so i am seeing just buying him straight as a cheaper way to get him.

Def cheaper but i just cant stand the overpricing done on ebay. seems he sells for about 50 though. these figures by the way only reach about 21/2-3 inches.
i just want the reg outfits, aside from blanka. love the blue. dont care if i ever get the rarer of the bunch. just the standard is fine. im well on my way though. Sucks cause im stealing money from my EVO funds