WTS WTT-TE-S Qanba Ice Red Kodak Camera


TE-S $130

$180(Xbox360/PS3) will Trade For EightArc Stick if interested


Kodak z1485 $80 Comes with 4gb sdcard 2 carrying cases and a charger

SF Anniversary Stick 60$ + Bag of buttons sticks converters with it.You have to pick it up sorry

SSF4 AE2012 FOR PC 20$




yeah man i dont know whats going on


My guess is Evo, as I myself have not made any unnecessary purchases in the last month or so due to saving up for hotel, food, and general fun in Vegas. Maybe I’m just assuming too much though!


that does make sense,so im not to surprised then


Good luck with your sale though! It is an extremely sexy qanba, I’m jealous! =) I just have the black and blue one.


SSF4 AE2012 FOR PC 20$ added




what are you looking for in trading for the Arc?


for An eightarc Stick


Soo your looking for a different color?


no this Stick is not what i like i mean.I rather just sell it


And i had to remove the Carpet like thing from the bottom of the stick and the Side cord compartment came off its still possible to attach it


for the te-s, do you have the stock black joystick? I kinda hate the red ball and blue shaft interested though…


yes im sure i have the black balltop


Interested in the TE-S if it’s for 360. If there aren’t any issues with the cable compartment I’m ready to buy right now.


[INDENT=1]Madcats SE Stick 45$[/INDENT]