WTS / WTT Tekken 6 HRAP bare case

I would like to sell or trade my HRAP T6 case, it is in good shape with a few scuffs:

Would sell for $40 shipped or trade for one of the following:

Initial D PS3
Arcana Heart 3 PS3
Dirt 3 PS3
3DS Street Fighter

Let me know if you would like a high res pic or have any questions.



Bump will consider other 3DS games or a PS3 steering wheel where I add in cash. Let me know.

How about a trade for 3 SF kidrobot figs?

Looking mostly for pink / blue chun li.

does it come with those buttons, and are they sanwa buttons?

Will you ship to Canada?

Yes it does come with buttons, they are stock Hori buttons.

Sorry, US shipping only.

$35 shipped?