WTS/WTT Time Crisis 4 2 Guns 1 Sensor - Yakuza 3 (PS3) (Pics)

**This stuff is the last of my PS3 i sold a while ago. I see it going for a good average of $80 on Ebay but i want to stick with my peeps where i’ve had success before. I want to sell it for $55 (Shipped), will part out the Yakuza 3 if someone wants it otherwise im throwing it in the bag if i find a buyer who wants it with the Time Crisis stuff. I’m also including the DJ Hero 2 Dongle because i had a PS3 slim, which means it didnt have enouch USB ports on the new model to support all the ports needed to hook up both guns. I fixed this problem with the Dongle, and kept it for that reason. **

As far as trades if you can Throw Me SSF4:AE (Xbox 360) and something else to make it even where in buisiness. Let me know guys.


Wow I just bought time crisis 4 with two guns for 65. I wished you would have put this up earlier, the guy I bought it from hasn’t even shipped it, been like 5 days and your throwing all this extra stuff. This is a good deal. I’m pissed.

If anything changes let me know. I ship right away :slight_smile:

I already have the game and one gun, would you sell one by itself?

I don’t think I could sell it well without it being both but I will let you know.

Price Drop $55 Shipped

Check PM

Success: Please Close!! :slight_smile: