WTS/WTT: Tritton 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound headset Gears of War edition


i have a Tritton 7.1 Gears of War editon headset ( they light up also) lol
-it is in like new condition comes with all parts and Sounds Great Booming Sound!
-includes Headset,DecoderBox,Talkback cable,Optical wire,USB power cable, And extra Ear Cuffs unused, Instruction Booklet,stand
-works for Xbox,PS3,PS4
-id like to sell them for 75$ (let me know your zip code or address for a estimate)
-or i would trade for another headset preferably one that works with XBOX
-thanks for looking!

Bought. Please close.

What’s the shipping like on this? I might consider it if it doesn’t move by the middle of this coming week.


shipping is included in the asking price of 60$ as long as its shipping to somewhere in the us


Do you have original battop with it?


sorry i dont :confused:


actually i was looking threw all my parts and i did find the original bat-top will include it free of charge


price drop


Is the joystick a Sanwa clone?

WTB : intro (cheap) xbox 360 stick

its just a off brand stick that was included in the injustice collectors edition bundle. the only sanwa parts is the switches in the buttons




bump added item!!!